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alt right heads 2 poland

Saturday, October 28th, 2017

richard spencer, americsn white supremacist who wants to carve the US up into an ethno state is headed to poland to speak to far right groups. last year about this time an estimated 100K nationslists from around europe met in poland carrying swastikas and what not. it is ironic that quiet a few people in the USSR whose countries were invaded by the nazis in world war II now embrace their ideology.


poland not the west

Sunday, July 9th, 2017

trump and his crusty crew of alt right nationalists have got a geography problem. when delivering his speech in warsaw last week to the bussed in props. the US president underscored the achievements of the west. like wikipedia, trump and his speechwriter have a north-western bias. this administration also has a geography problem. poland spent 50 years behind the iron curtain in the USSR. along with other east european countries like the then czechoslavakia and east germany, poland’s history is decidedly tied to this region and the golden age of communism. during this difficult period of wealth redistribution, the only worthwhile achievements from this region were gold medals at the olympics during the golden age of performance enhancing drugs. communism and its inefficiencies left a hard to delete mark on the new EU countries. and these centrally planned societies run by illiberal victor orban-esque dictators destroyed their economies, supressed free speech, pluralism and freedom of expression. the artists who flourished during this time were mostly propagandists and party flunkies.

most of the industries and factories in this region vanished after the berlin wall fell in 1989 due to inefficiencies. and these countries are still trying to catch up with western europe economically, intellectually and emotionally.

poland buses in fake fans to greet trump

Thursday, July 6th, 2017

2 years ago trump descended from the escalators at trump tower in the US city of manhattan to announce his presidency surrounded by people who had allegedly been hired to applaud his speech. fast forward 2 years and a similar situation is about to happen in poland. it is quite a trend now for east european authoritarian politicans to bus in supporters for speeches and rallies possibly out of fear that nobody will show up. but in developing and transitional countries, free food and drinks coupled with complimentary transportation is enough of a bribe to motivate crowds of fawning nationalists to turn up.

but the crowds of demonstrators that await trump this week in hamburg for the G-20 event will not have been bused in by anyone. you can read the hill article here.

poland president gets message wrong from obama

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

russia has re-inserted itself as the foreign policy issue of the moment. poland’s president, lech kaczynski, released information to a polish news outlet following his converation with u.s. president elect barack obama saying the u.s. will continue with plans regarding the missle-defense/shield for eastern europe. while obama’s people say he has not made a commitment.

up until about a year ago, the positions of prime minister and president in poland were occupied by the identical kaczynski twins. from 2005, he has been the president of poland, having initially run as a member of the far right law and justice party which he co-founded with is brother.

the office of president in poland is primarily a ceremonial role. the prime minister, donald tusk, is the head of state.

the heart of poland in a bottle of cognac

Saturday, July 26th, 2008

the heart of frederic chopin, the 19th century romantic pianist, has been lying in a jar of alcohol, which looks an awfully lot like cognac, in poland since his death in 1839. the native son’s heart was removed from the holy cross church in warsaw during ww2.

dna experts are keen on examining chopin’s heart to find out if perhaps chopin died from cystic fibrosis as opposed to tuberculosis. as yahoo tends to move their links around, if you read this post after 26 july, perhaps you’ll have to do a search for the original article.

germany wins first euro match since 1996

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

the german football team beat poland 2:0 today, the second day of the european championships. the game everyone in the world refers to as football, with the exception of north americans. luaks podolski, originally born in poland, scored 2 goals. the bbc ran an interview with germany captain, michael ballack.

in the other game today, croatia, scoring a goal within the first 10 minutes, beat host team austria 1:0.